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The Fiber Chair

Petroleum-free chair made from plant fiber

Bioplastics are derived from renewable resources, rather than petroleum, and break down into soil components and water. When blended with straw, an abundant waste product of agriculture, they make resilient composites that can displace the plastics and monoculture lumber essential to fast furniture. The Fiber Chair is made from local plant fiber, natural dyes, and bioplastics. Composed of more than 98% renewable biomass, the chair’s footprint is a fraction of mainstream alternatives. The chair is uniquely textured and can be disassembled for repair, shipping, remanufacture, or composting.

University of Notre Dame
The University of Notre Dame is a R1 Research University in the US.
United States
Jason Carley
As an industrial designer and nature enthusiast, I work to improve the sustainability of designed objects and our built environment. My fascination for “how the world works” has led me to explore a wide range of projects, always finding something new about the relationships between people, objects, nature, and infrastructure. Through my practice, I research consumer behavior and combine experimental biomaterials, digital prototyping techniques, and data visualizations to propose novel solutions to industrial challenges. I’m currently a faculty member at the University of Notre Dame.
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