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TK-02 is a connected super-auto espresso machine

TK-02 is a pod-free, connected super automatic espresso machine with ID inspired by the Bauhaus & Brücke movements, built to integrate seamlessly into any coffee lover’s home. A 5” dead-fronted touch screen display; front-loading waste bin, water tank, and drip tray; and fridge-ready milk carafe offer simple solutions in contrast to the clunky aspects of its competitors. TK-02 also has a smart hopper, grind-to-weight functionality, self-cleaning features, and a hybrid brew unit for espresso and drip coffee. A supporting app creates further opportunities for personalization and intuitive use.

Terra Kaffe
Born in Berlin and raised in Brooklyn, Terra Kaffe is a direct-to-consumer coffee brand founded in 2018. Terra Kaffe focuses on elegant precision and European design to bring the spirit of the café home.
United States
Lennard Makosch, Ammunition Group
Lennard is the VP of Creative at Terra Kaffe. Born in Germany and based in New York, he is a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for concept-driven design that is engaging and meaningful. Previously, Lennard has served as a senior designer at High Tide NYC, working for brands like Nike, Gantri, and Vince. He has also worked as a freelancer in Germany (for Brands like Porsche, Amnesty International, and Deutsche Bank), and as a design consultant for Blackstock & Weber.
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