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Toothpaste Nº Zero

A sustainable plant-infused experience

For people's oral hygiene, we ensure our ingredients are naturally-sourced, harvested and selected. It replaces traditional abrasives with sustainable wood cellulose from beech and spruce which can be 100% dissolved in water and is provided by a supplier that complies with FSC standards. While embracing the tooth enamel like soft, lush fabric, this wood powder also paves the way to a greener earth. The unique color of the toothpaste comes from the 3 billion chlorella cells, a green algae rich in phytochemicals and minerals that grows in freshwater to reinforce teeth and keep your breath fresh.

Steven Ko
As the leading green hair care brand in Taiwan, O’right is the home to Asia’s first GMP certified green cosmetics plant, which is certified to 10 international certifications. Our product manufacturing relies on renewable energy, along with water recycling systems, and we also engage in green research and development, eco-friendly design, and green processing. From the procurement, raw materials, design, production, delivery, usage, and recycling of products, we strives to create an eco-friendly environment for everyone and future generations to enjoy.
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