Green Concept Award

Green Concepts 2021

kǣli -කෑලි- Trench Audacity Sri Lanka

Turning emotions into stories into garments...

kǣli -කෑලි- defines as Pieces in my native tongue, Sinhalese. This design aims to incorporate different kǣli from the artisanal crafts as well as neo-futuristic architecture to produce a timeless piece. kǣli was able to upcycle and revitalise factory waste thread and unloved denim by giving them a new identity and a purpose. kǣli integrates Bobbin Lace (Beerulu), dyed using Turmeric and reinvented Handloom by using factory wastage and fabric cut-offs with Turmeric dyed Beerulu to produce handwoven panels. Inner garment lining uses turmeric and Shibori Dyeing to achieve a soothing fabric.

Company/Institution: Northumbria University
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