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Green Trend Book 2021

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The Green Trend Book 2021 is the 8th and most comprehensive edition to date featuring nominees and winners of the Green Product & Green Concept Award. It contains selected trends and expert insights from our international jury.

Discover a wide range of sustainable innovations with over 100 solutions for a sustainable present and 100 concepts for a more sustainable future that are not yet on the market.

The book is divided into 11 categories - from architecture & tiny houses, building components, circular materials, consumer goods, fashion, handicrafts, interior & lifestyle, kids, mobility, sport and workspace.

The categories are each introduced with a trend overview and impulses from experts. Discover how editors-in-chiefs like Katja Reich (Deutsche Bauzeitschrift) and Johanna Pimenta (md Magazin), material experts like Prof. Kiersten Münchinger and Karsten Bleymehl (MRC), design teachers like Prof. Claus Christian Eckhardt (Lund University), Prof. Liu Xin (Tsingha University) and many, many others see our future.

Another special is the Double Loop Project, in which we developed sustainable versions of a home office look with students from AMD Berlin and the Royal College of Art.

The limited edition book has about 240 pages and is published in English.

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