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The bus that unites the mobility of a city

UNIMO (for „United-Mobility“) is a modular transportation concept that connects a fully electric and autonomous driving bus with E-Scooters, Car-Sharing and Freight-Trucks. Our concept provides a unified mobility to the user, where it’s possible to use multiple transport options within one synchronized public transport system. We wanted to create a holistic and smart organized solution, that reduces traffic in urban areas and help to solve environmental issues.

Reutlingen University
Reutlingen University is a renowned campus with different faculties. We study Transportation Interior Design, which is a specialized course that focuses on the design and conception of Interiors for any kind of mobility solutions.
Hannah Burdack & Timo Weißbach
We both study Transportation Interior Design at Reutlingen University and developed together a public transport concept called UNIMO as part of our 4th-semester project. We both love being creative and rethinking our world - In doing so, it is an important and personal concern to us, that we always pursue ideas that solve problems and help our climate and society. It is a great pleasure for us to share our idea for a better, sustainable future with the jury and hopefully convince with our concept!
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