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Green Products

Vegtus 2020 S.L

Vegan shoes made from cactus

Footwear made mainly from bio-based materials such as cactus or corn husks, suitable for anyone with a sense of responsibility towards the environment, in constant development to make products that are increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Vegtus 2020 S.L
Vegtus was born as an idea during COVID lockdown. Seeing how the nature was regenerating while people were locked up, we felt the need to do something to keep the world recovering in that direction after the pandemic. And what better way to do this than in a field where we have the knowledge and experience? Footwear Finding cactus leather was the first step in becoming a brand that goes far beyond veganism. By incorporating new materials such as corn leather and other recycled materials, we became the first brand with a 100% sustainable attitude that will invest and work to make the world a be
Vegtus Team
Team with many years of experience working for brands from all sectors and price ranges, both in footwear and clothing. With a wide knowledge of the market, materials and trends.
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