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W-S Cooling

A cooling-enabled power generator

W-S Cooling is a PV-Wind hybrid device installed in farms that integrates a misting system. It utilizes MOFs material to absorb moisture from the air, and then transfers the waste heat from the solar panels through a thermal tube to the MOFs, causing it to evaporate and obtain water that is used by the misting system to cool down the crops and reduce heat damage. At the bottom, W-S Cooling has an energy storage system that provides electricity to households or farms in the area, forming a new type of agricultural-electricity symbiosis.

Ming Chi University of Technology
Ming Chi University of Technology, located in Tashan District, New Taipei City, is a technological university. Its predecessor, Ming Chi Industrial Junior College, was established by the founders of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Wang Yung-ching and Wang Yung-tsai, in December 1963. The university consists of three colleges: the College of Engineering, the College of Environmental Resources, and the College of Management and Design.
Zhen-Yan Zeng/ Yi-Shan Zheng/ Wen-Yeh Shiao Lin/ Prof. Kai-Chu Li
AG-All green is a team composed of Ming Chi University of Technology and Tunghai University. The team members are all industrial design students. The AG team is led by an instructor. Team members all have great enthusiasm and research on sustainable design. We hope to create new sparks through the combination of design creativity and sustainable design. The AG team hopes to improve environmental problems and create harmony between humans and nature through the power of sustainable design.
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