Special Calls

Aligning the 9th award circle, we are preparing two new special calls in which we bring the experience of Green Product Club members to support young designers in the development of future solutions.

Farm waste 2 products – Concept call for products that can be made from materials produced in the course of breeding and harvesting of organic waste. Pre-consumer waste, which accumulates in large quantities on the farm, distribution centers.

Kuro Unit – Concept call for sustainable, modular, small building units for temporary living (and working) in the city and country. Because it's time for "buildings and cities that can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of users." Kisho Kurokawa

Participation in the Open Calls is possible as a university team, group, studio, lab, company or as an individual. The projects are accompanied in cooperation with new partners Cumulus University Network and the Deutsche Bauzeitschrift as well as other partners.

To show your interest in participation write us a short Email