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Wellicious Yoga Wear

Biologisch abbaubare Yoga-Kleidung

Die umweltfreundliche Luxus-Yogamarke Wellicious präsentiert stolz die weltweit erste sichere, biologisch abbaubare und zirkuläre Yogakollektion. Die bahnbrechende Cradle-to-Cradle Certified®-Linie ist das Ergebnis von sechs Jahren intensiver Forschung im Bereich der nachhaltigen Materialentwicklung, die zu zahlreichen branchenverändernden Durchbrüchen führte. Wellicious ist ein stolzer Pionier der Nachhaltigkeit in der Yoga-Bekleidungsbranche und beweist, dass Stil, Funktionalität und Umweltbewusstsein sich nicht gegenseitig ausschließen müssen.

Wellicious GmbH
Eco-friendly luxury yoga brand Wellicious proudly presents the world’s first safe, biodegradable and circular yoga wear collection. Its pioneering Cradle-to-Cradle Certified® line is the result of six years of extensive sustainable material development research, resulting in numerous industry-changing breakthroughs, including the use of a new, non-toxic type of elastane. Wellicious is a proud sustainability pioneer in the yoga wear industry and proves that style, functionality, and environmental awareness do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Wellicious GmbH
Heike Petersen Cunza
Wellicious founder, Peruvian-German Heike Petersen Cunza, boldly pursued a dream to shake up the fashion industry for the better. A passionate yogi, Heike couldn’t find clothes for her yoga practice that were both stylish and sustainable, so she began her mission to combine her love of yoga with the philosophy that style should not be at the expense of our planet. The idea of a transparent, biodegradable yoga clothing line, safe for biological systems, seemed near impossible, but she dreamed big and has succeeded in making that a reality!
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