Circular Circuit - Pit Stop No. 1

Circular Circuit - Pit Stop No. 1

Circular Circuit - Pit Stop No. 1

Circular fashion is no longer voluntary, as the laws and regulations are already in place in the first countries. So how can fashion be transformed into a circular system? What knowledge, what collaborations and what processes and tools are needed for this? The Circular Circuit initiative will be addressing these questions at Neonyt Düsseldorf with an international round table, an exhibition and talks from 26-28 July.

The event is an initiative of the Dutch network for the apparel, interior, carpet and textile industry and is aimed at all sectors involved: material producers, designers & brands, manufacturers, retailers, logistics, recyclers, press and knowledge. It is the first of several pit stops on the way to a learning and networking platform. 

The components of the event

A Survey to assess the current status quo within and between the various sectors with regard to the Green New Deal regulations. This will also explore the need for knowledge for an exchange and learning platform.

At the round table on 26 July, expertise will be exchanged, blind spots identified and best practices shared. Potential for cooperation will be discovered and, where possible, subsequently realised.
From 27-28 July, the exhibition at Neonyt in the Bilker Bunker will showcase exemplary solutions and concepts that give visitors a glimpse into the future and possibilities that are already a reality in some places. The exhibits come from the participants of the round table and submissions of the Green Product Awards and results of the Green Bag Project, in which Hyphalite Material meets the knitting laboratory of HTW Berlin.

At the stage on 27 July from 16:30, we invite guests to take a look into the future of circular fashion. The results of the circular circuit round table will be presented here. Innovative pioneers from companies, start-ups and research will then present their solutions, concepts and findings and answer questions from the audience. Finally, the winners of the Green Bag Project will be honoured.

Representatives from all sectors can apply to take part in Pitstop No. 1 until 10 July. Participation is free of charge, click here for the survey / application
The survey will be available for longer, as further events are planned. 

The Circular Circuit is a co-operation between Fabriek Fris and the Green Product Award network, supported by Modint, CreativeNL and the RVO. Pit Stop No 1 is organised in cooperation with IGEDO Exhibitions.

Fabriek Fris
Fabriek Fris develops and produces various clothing for Dutch fashion brands. They are a social ready-to-wear workshop where they have been offering paid jobs, internships, apprenticeships and internal training to experienced and emerging makers. Through fair and local production Fabriek Fris is committed to make social impact, less CO2 emissions, better working conditions and a thriving economy for more economic equality.

Green Product Awards
The Green Product Award recognises products from companies and start-ups that stand out for their sustainability, design and impact. The awards are presented in 12 categories for the best product from a company, a start-up and the best concept. The Green Future Club organises parallel training sessions, events and the implementation of pilot projects. 

By licensing Neonyt Düsseldorf, IGEDO EXHIBITIONS, organiser of the order fairs FASHN ROOMS and SHOES DÜSSELDORF, has taken on the responsibility of realising new ideas at the Düsseldorf location and contributing to the further development of the format. 

Further information
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