Camps schedule 2025

Camps schedule 2025

Camps schedule 2025

Following the Olympic idea we have online training camps to support participants with insights around central topics like LCAs, EU legislations, packaging and of course with best practices and insights of practitioners. Next to that we have collaboration camps for club members only. And last but not least we have experience camps aligning fairs and design festivals.

All events are designed to foster a sustainable transition. As we set a creative, positive, fair and open atmosphere and expect the same of all participants. The list is constantly updated. Please come back or sign-up to our newsletter to stay tuned.

July 9 - Online-Training
Introduction in upcoming season activities & Mastering Product Footprinting 
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July 26 - 28 - Experience Camp & Online
Pit stop No 1 - circular circuit
NEONYT Düsseldorf - Round table / Exhibition / Stage
Scope: Ecosystems for circular fashion
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July 30 - Online-Training
Green New Deal Impacts on Apparel Design
Managing Product Circularity & Traceability
Scope: Fashion + Sport
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Sept. 10 - Online-Training
Eco-Friendly Child-Products & Communication
Green Claims & Certifications
Scope: Kids Products
>> in preparation

Oct. 1 - Online-Training
Meeting Standards in Interior & Office Environments
Identifying Impact Hotspots
Scope: Products for Interior,  Kitchen + Workspace
>> in preparation

Oct. 15 - Online-Training
Material Revolutions
Biological & Technical Material Cycles
Scope: New Materials
>> in preparation

Oct. 19 -27 - Experience Camp
Dutch Design Week                      
Round tables / Exhibition / Talks
Scope: Ecosystems for circular production
>> in preparation

Nov. 4 - Experience Camp
All4Pack Emballage Paris                
Exhibition / Talks
Scope: Packaging
>> in preparation

Nov. 5 - Online-Training
Green Construction: Pushing the Boundaries of Modern Architecture
Locality & Scalable Structures
Scope: Architecture + Building Components
>> in preparation

Nov. 13 -14 - Experience Camp
Greener Manufacturing show                  
Round tables / Exhibition / Talks
Scope: Ecosystems for circular production
>> in preparation

Nov. 19 - Online-Training
Micromobility Solutions: The Future of Urban Transport
Shared and Short Distance Mobility Solutions
Scope: Mobility
>> in preparation

March 24-30 - Experience Camp & Online
Award Ceremony & Networking
Winner announcements & match-making
>> in preparation


For all training camps a registration is required. The participation in experience events is possible on application. Award participants and club members enjoy priority.

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