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A Matter of Fruit

How drinking juice could limit plastic pollution

A Matter of Fruit develops natural materials from local industrial juice press residues (also known as pomace), mainly using apple waste. This juice by-product is transformed into flexible films which offer a non-toxic alternative to synthetic materials and fossil-fuel based plastics. The new material is fully compostable and recyclable. In this way the initial pomace cycle is being extended and enables the matter to circulate further, replacing harmful linear systems. The material can be used as an alternative to PVC/PP/PU in interior spaces e.g. as blinds, lamp/window shades or dividers.

A Matter of Fruit
Verena Brom
Verena studied Textile and Surface Design (M.A.) at the Weißensee school of art and design. She has a background in Garment Technology and Product Development and worked for companies based in London and Berlin. Her vocational experiences inspired her to develop new material systems targeting various industries to improve the [re]usage of our resources. As an advocate of a circular economy, she works on alternative material solutions with the aim of designing out waste. Her mission is to make use of renewable resources using design as a tool for optimising material cycles.
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