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Ecological remediation of household UCO

94% of European households throw Used Cooking Oil (UCO) down the sink generating catastrophic environmental impact. The most disruptive being the effect on aquatic ecosystems and fat-berg sewer blockages. Bi-Oleum is an affordable easy-to-use household kit that attempts to solve this issue. It incorporates a bacterial strain to bioremediate and remove domestic UCO, producing a clean output that be used to water plants. This project challenges our current human behaviour by incorporating a living unharmful bacteria in our daily lives to achieve a sustainable bio designed solution.

University of the Arts London
Central Saint Martins is alive with different ways of thinking, making and doing. Across art, design and performance, our students create the ideas, materials and actions for a better future.
United Kingdom
Magali Andrea Mendez
Magali Mendez is a biodesigner and researcher interested in incorporating biological living systems principles into her designs. With a product design background, she discovered her passion for sustainable design after questioning the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing. Magali was exposed to this industry for 5 years as a designer and production manager in different SME's. In 2017, she undertook a strategic sustainable design course at University of Buenos Aires and in 2022, she graduated from Ma Biodesign at Central Saint Martins.
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