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Algae bio-foam

Biodegradable algae foam material for packaging

Using the special material processing method, a bio-foam material has been created that can be used for a new type of biodegradable packaging products. This project follows a zero-waste philosophy and seeks to shed light on an increasingly prevalent problem of environmental pollution. The resulting material prototype goes beyond the waste generation and disposal issues and addresses the problems before they occur, focusing on materials design.

SEA FOAM is the newly established Lithuanian start-up which uses the special seaweed processing method and creates a bio-foam material that can be used for a new type of home-compostable packaging products Our bio-foam packaging solutions are made only from seaweed & water, so after the product is consumed, the material can simply be home-composted or used as a fertiliser. Even if the packaging would be discarded as waste, due to natural processes and micro-organisms it will again become a part of nature, and will cause no harm to the environment or other forms of life at all
Austeja Platukyte
Austeja Platukyte is a creative researcher working in between the disciplines of material design and science, technology, and craft. Her creative solutions are systematically linked to the theme of organic matter and a topic of materials transformation into other forms, introducing new social, cultural, economic, and psychological context into her creative process. Austeja explores the fundamental ecological problems, emphasizing subjective emotional involvement, and questioning the values of an anthropocentric society.
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