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Outdoor table including solar powered lighting

Douce is the ideal combination of an outdoor side table and lamp. The lamp works on renewable solar energy and is therefore not dependent on power supply. This offers the advantage that the Douce can be used in many settings: garden, balcony private/catering terraces, mini festivals. The table offers space for some glasses, a book,... The lamp allows you to read the book effectively.

Howest Kortrijk
Tim Lanszweert
Tradewinds Atelier Tradewinds produces, develops and distributes products for outdoor living all over the world. Their main motivation is to give back form and function to objects that lost their individuality through mass production. Quality, durability, aesthetics and authenticity are central to their work. A positive nostalgia lies at the heart of their work: by uniting crafts with contemporary technologies, new and unique products are developed, without losing their original character. Translated with (free version)
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