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AQUABION® Water Conditioner

The patented AQUABION® against scale and corrosion

The AQUABION® is a patented water treatment system, made in Germany. One of the leaders in several non-chemical water treatment markets including the UK. Clogged pipes and calcified expensive fittings, household appliances, washing machines or dishwashers cause costly damage in households and to appliances. The AQUABION® is a modern and environmentally friendly water treatment system – completely without external power connection, regular maintenance, no chemicals and no magnets. The AQUABION® operates on a sacrificial Zinc Anode and does not soften the water.

ION Deutschland / Aquabion GmbH
Marc A. Flettner
The development of the AQUABION® system in 2002, for which the international patents were granted in 2009, was a milestone in our history. In 2003, AQUABION GmbH was founded. AQUABION GmbH ensures the worldwide distribution of this environmentally friendly water treatment system. In 2012, the AQUABION® production site was certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. More than 60.000 galvanic AQUABION® water treatment systems have been sold worldwide. A group of about 30 professional partners, agents and sole agents support the sales and look after our clients worldwide
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