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The plant-based reusable drinking cup

The CUPITO is a reusable cup based on PLA (a.k.a. lactic acid), which consists of 100 per cent renewable raw materials (e.g. vegetable waste products from corn processing), has the same properties as a cup made of PP and is approved for use in the food sector. The environmentally friendly laser treatment of the cup guarantees the permanent application of logos, lettering, etc., so that the CUPITO can be used at events for several years. An internal deposit system for return at the end of the cup's life cycle also offers an attractive incentive for customers.

Kunststoff- und Holzverarbeitungswerk GmbH
Markus Rossnagel & Stephan Schulz
In applied projects and experimental studies, Markus Rossnagel and Stephan Schulz, in collaboration with other designers, researchers and engineers, uncover the potential and application areas of materials and technologies. They specialize in product development, materials research and technology-based product research. In times of increasing social and ecological crises, they consider it crucial to promote responsibly thinking and acting users with their design.
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