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ARENA's Tiny House

Modular house made of recycled rubber in Patagonia

Our modular Tiny House is crafted from recycled rubber from Punta Arenas' tire 'graveyard.' This Patagonian city faces two challenges: environmental pollution from the 'graveyard' and a housing crisis of 4,700 families. The project incorporates the traditional design of Chiloe's tiles, an aesthetic solution that represents traditional cultural landscapes. Our design solution addresses sustainable concerns and solve issues of housing in this extreme climate. The design isn't random; it incorporates a site-specific algorithm for year-round sunlight, achieving the energy efficiency of the house.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
The Adolfo Ibáñez University is one of the top universitys of Chile. I´m currently studying two carrers; economics and design ingeenering.
Ángela Valenzuela, Macarena Pinedo, Jan Siebert
"The three of us are university students currently pursuing degrees in Business Engineering and Design Engineering at the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Santiago, Chile. As a group, we have already completed various projects in different design areas, using electronics, Arduino programming, parametric design, 2/3D modeling, and industrial manufacturing to provide innovative design solutions to our communities. We plan to graduate with both degrees in December 2024 and pursue a Master's in Marketing at the same university in 2025.
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