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Green Concepts

Urban Soundscape

Plant-based materials and smart reuse of waste

The designs are bio-façade panels and an urban amphitheater. It is suitable for architects, city planners, and sustainability enthusiasts looking to address noise pollution and create immersive acoustic experiences in urban areas. The sustainability and innovation are in its materiality and fabrication techniques. We harness plant-based materials, repurpose waste like paper, and use rice flour as a natural binder. The fabrication methods are varied including 3D printing, CNC milling, extrusion, and casting for versatile prototyping.

University College London
UCL Bartlett's Bio-ID program stands at the forefront of innovation in architecture. As part of one of the world's top-ranked institutions, UCL, we combine biotechnology, advanced computation, and cutting-edge fabrication techniques to shape a radically sustainable built environment. Ranked #1 globally in 2023 for Architecture and the Built Environment, UCL Bartlett continues to inspire and educate the architects of tomorrow.
United Kingdom
Sahda Salsabila and Xinrui Cai
Sahda Salsabila (MArch Bio-Integrated Design, UCL): -Computational design in Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, and Houdini -Rendering in Vray and Redshift -Acoustic simulations in Pachyderm Acoustics and Treble software -Acoustic experimental laboratory -Creating architectural drawings and illustration diagrams Xinrui Cai (MArch Bio-Integrated Design, UCL): -Development of biocomposite from waste materials -Coupling the fabrication methodology with material characteristics -Sound-related material research in the urban setting -Moss cultivation lab experiment -Visual representational diagrams
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