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Arlecchina Bag

The modular bag: restyle it as you wish!

The Arlecchina Bag is a fun, playful handbag built around the concepts of modularity and zero waste. It owes its name to Arlecchino, a popular folklore character from Italy who wears a suit made of many colorful patches. The bag is also made of patches, which thanks to snap-buttons can be assembled, disassembled, swapped and collected so that you can restyle it and never get bored of it. Each module can be substituted in case of damage, avoiding waste, and because of its shapes and sizes can be manufactured virtually from any leftover or up-cycled fabric.

Milano Fashion Institute / Politecnico di Milano
The master in Brand & Sustainability Management by MilanoFashionInstitute and Politecnico di Milano, trains hybrid managerial figures capable of combining talent, creativity, and inventiveness to make a difference on the most important issue of all. It gives access to exclusive skills and know-how that are increasingly in demand among the sector's big brands. The world of fashion today is very attentive to this aspect, and it is no coincidence that this master's degree has been co-designed together with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, based on the specific needs of major fashion brands.
Emma Maiorino
Emma Maiorino is an Italian accessories designer strongly committed to sustainability. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design at IUAV University of Venice, the time off due to the pandemic gave her space to realize how the fashion industry wasn’t shiny at all, nor coherent with her own values. The sudden need to change path brought her to attend a Master in Product Sustainability Management at Milano Fashion Institute. Her main focus of interest, discussed in her master thesis, is the need of an holistic approach to design in order to achieve true circularity.
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