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Co-Creation with “older” organisms

We think of atoms having their own intelligence and their own codes. If we as humanity start to adopt and evolve and co-create with “older” organisms like fungi and algaes, our intelligence and wisdom will be automatically updated. Fungi are seen as the natural recyclers within the forests. Implementing these biochemical organisms & their codes of billions of years of DNA building, will enable us to have a healthier & more intentional way of building economical, ecological, logical & ethical choices.

Oummite / University Twente
Raoumi Nadine Feida El Shoura
To experiment, play & imagine new innovative useful ways of how the world could look like, is my path. Creating & studying this world with all my senses, functions as mirror tool for the complexity of existence. Through my grandparents & their gardens I received the early roots of biodesign. After traveling, finishing the bachelor in fine arts, I established Oummite. My German and Egyptian heritage enabled me to see eastern & western ways. I am pursuing the Double Master Degree of Industrial Design Engineering and Interaction Technology alongside the Biotech Design Company Oummite.
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