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Bank "Silva"

CO2 binding material flow design over 100 years

CO2-neutral production, cradle-to-cradle certified recycled material and wood residues, single-component construction and dismantlability of components, digital tracking and take-back agreement, ensure an outdoor bench that lasts 30 years, offers guests a lasting nature experience, marks the Weimarer Land Tourism area scenery by its design, costs 70% less in the life cycle and ensures that CO2 is stored for over 100 years in the first closed cradle-to-cradle material flow.

Weimarer Land Tourismus e. V., 99510 Apolda
RITTWEGER und TEAM GmbH, Büro Erfurt
RITTWEGER und TEAM GmbH is a nationwide design agency based in Erfurt and Suhl, Germany, with over 30 years of experience and an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. Since 2011, the agency has combined circular product design, sustainable architecture, development of transformation strategies for decarbonisation, sustainability reporting and data analysis.
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