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Baby Bum Balm

Natural baby barrier cream, dermatologist approved

Handcrafted small-batch Baby Bum Balm (diaper cream) provides long lasting protection and relief from skin chaffing for any age, from newborns to adults. Pediatrician and dermatologist approved.

Tierra & Lava
Tierra & Lava
Lucy Ashman
Belize-raised founder and botanical alchemist Lucy Ashman is inspired by her passion for a healthy environment as well as the natural beauty and extraordinary biodiversity of Central America. Ten years ago, she started making soap, shampoo and lotion for luxury boutique hotels. Lucy’s reputation for making beautiful, efficacious natural products quickly grew and spas began asking her to make scrubs and facial creams. Combining her certified nutrition education and peer reviewed scientific studies, she preserves Mayan traditions and raises awareness for Mayan medicinal wisdom..
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