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Beauty Teaory

So natural that you can eat it!

Beauty Teaory is a beauty Startup that promotes inner and outer well-being through the healing benefits of tea for the body and skin, with the promotion of the dedication to relaxation for oneself and a break from the frenzy. The product consists of tea bags which , in addition to being infused in a cup of hot water and enjoyed normally, can be applied on the face as a relaxing and relieving treatment. The materials of which the product is made are raw, 100% plant based and compostable. In our products there is a total absence of plastic and our packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

IED- Istituto Europeo di Design Spa- Società Benefit
IED is a design and fashion university established in 1966 in Milan. Since then it opened schools in various italian cities and in Spain and Brazil as well. Undergraduate courses last three years and they can be followed by postgraduate courses of one year. I attend the third year of the Product Design undergraduate course, where I learn about marketing, sociology, history of contemporary art and design as theoretical subjects and plus many laboratories about different kinds of materials, 3D modelling and rendering softwares, Adobe Cloud softwares and extra projects.
Noor El Hajjeh, Margherita Massari, Guido Baccaglini and Francesco Magenta.
We are Product Design students from IED Milano. Noor: born in 2001, I face projects with an artistic approach. My strength lies in intuition, creative development and communication to the final user. Margherita: born in 2002 and before starting IED I attended an art high school, studying industrial design. My main features in group projects are organization, empathy, synthesis and versatility. Guido and Francesco: both born in 2001, we have a passion for all the technical aspects of projects and usually manage the 3D modelling, rendering and engineering parts.
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