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To build it up and let it grow

Lue is a modular, sustainable, vertical, and hydroponic green wall system. It is dedicated to provide a sustainable and cost-effective green wall solution for interior and outdoor gardening or to decorate modern homes of different scales. With Lue the user can create his unique green wall or tower in a variety of shapes. We specialize in hydroponic soilless planting, a environmentally friendly way of urban gardening. Our water system functions independently. Our vessels are 3d-printed with aesthetically pleasing Filament out of industrial waste like coffee beans, shells and wheat.

In the Experimental Design Master Studio, current and future living environments are critically questioned and redesigned. We investigate processes and translate a norm-critical, post-disciplinary and post-anthropocentric stance into an experimental design practice. Research-based engagement with current social and environmental challenges such as climate change, social inequality, demographic change, and technological transformations of our living worlds is fundamental to students' work.
Dongzhu Li, Deborah Egger
Dongzhu has a bachelor’s degree plus working experience in the field of furniture design. She has been passionate about material explorations, and the intricate symbiosis between humans and objects in our living environments beyond the realm of furniture. Deborah is a floral and experimentaldesigner, whos projects include research about biomaterial like bioluminescent bacterias and plant colors as well as afabric design collection inspired by the microstructures of flowers. Together we are doing a master in experimental design at the HGK in Basel, Switerland. Through the fascination for plants, hydroponics and sustainability we founded LUE.
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