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Bio Sneakers

Cultivate your own grounding modualr footwear

The kit aims to empower people in crafting eco-conscious sneakers. These sneakers connect your feet back to nature whilst protecting them. This initiative reduces waste via composting old sneakers and facilitates component recreation, minimizing environmental impact and reducing the need for new purchases. It cultivates a sense of ownership and empowerment, encouraging sustainable practices. the project envisions a world where individuals actively participate in designing and growing their sneakers, promoting a sustainable, ecofriendly lifestyle. Empowering sustainability through DIY sneakers.

manchester metropolion university
I am a first-class honors graduate in product design engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University, driven by a passion for sustainable design and individual empowerment. My university dissertation was a pioneering project that aimed to democratize the creation of eco-friendly sneakers. This project involved developing a kit for crafting biodegradable sneakers, with mushroom-based soles and copper elements for grounding benefits. Not only does this design offer a sustainable alternative to conventional footwear, but it also challenges fast-fashion norms by encouraging users to value and
United Kingdom
katie lavin
I am a passionate and highly motivated product designer, committed to creating innovative and user-centered designs. My goal is to combine creativity, functionality, and sustainability to solve complex problems and enhance the user experience. My ethos as a designer is to empower the individual and reduce reliance on corporations as well as promoting a more sustainable and mindful approach to consumption. It's all about placing production power in the hands of the people whilst designing with nature in mind.
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