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Prefabricated mass timber modular ADU prototype

Prefabricated mass timber modular ADU prototype adaptable to the steep hillsides of Southern California. The carbon storage in contrast to an ADU built from a light-frame wood structure, as well as the health benefits of living in a space built from solid wood, air quality, and acoustics, are all good reasons to migrate from light-frame wood structures to prefabricated mass timber structures. The prototype can take advantage of the wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in the country, alleviating the housing crisis as well as playing a part in fighting climate change.

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
IAAC is a Radical, Open and Independent Architecture Institute, with 20 years of activity. IAAC follows the Digital Revolution to expand the boundaries of Architecture and Design.
Juan Gilberto Bugarin Castillo
I'm an architect with a Master's degree in Mass Timber Design from IAAC. I’ve recently started a Master Degree in Sustainable Design, Construction, and Management of the Built Environment in Porto, Portugal. My professional portfolio spans a wide spectrum, encompassing residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and mixed-use projects, as well as furniture design and fabrication. Today, I'm focused on developing small-scale projects and enjoy bringing initial concepts to life through freehand drawings and models.
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