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Bio Trail

Waterproof and compostable jacket for adventurers

Admiration of the natural environment is an inherent part of adventuring in the wilderness. Despite this, the materials that outdoor products are made from are harmful to Nature. Bio Trail is a hiking jacket designed for function and practicality. It responds to backpackers’ needs and is a green solution for Nature lovers who want to respect the environment they enjoy exploring. Made of waxed linen it can be composted at the end of its life and return to where it comes from. Exit PFC coatings and zippers, everything on this one comes from Mother Nature.

Central Saint Martins (UAL)
United Kingdom
Maël Le Couëdic
Hi, I'm Maël. I am interested in footwear and wearables and have built my practice at the intersection of industrial and fashion design. Through my passion for sports and the outdoors, I have developed an immense appreciation for the natural environment, and I always uphold sustainable practice in my projects. I enjoy creating stories that bring personal value to objects and exploring natural materials as an opportunity to waste less.
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