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We are committed to developing sustainable production methods by the values of artisanal technique, evolutionary digital design, and holistic sustainability. Cumbre explores the diversity of design so as to create wide-ranging possibilities while reducing the environmental impact of fashion design through the implementation of Zero Waste processes. It explores inclusive and versatile design by changing how we think about clothing and how our adjustable garments are manufactured to fit all body types. All the garments cover a wide array of sizes and are designed to accompany you over time.

Micaela Clubourg
I am a fashion designer specialized in sustainable fashion tech. As a designer I feel responsible for generating a change in the current fashion system. I believe fashion can be a tool for social change. Transparency and fair work practices are the starting point for any decision. I would like to think of my way of working as collaborative project. I enjoy partner and co-create with different designers, communities of artisans and engineers, and work with flexible groups in order to feed and enhance our collective knowledge.
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