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Boat BioLogs

Bioremediating floating gardens for boats

Bioremediating floating gardens designed to be installed on boats created in collaboration with the London boat community addressing the rising water pollution of the canals in the United Kingdom. Boat BioLogs are natural regenerative tools converting boats, a rising source of canal water pollution, into the solution to the problem. Incentivising boaters with the luxury of a private garden, the project motivates them to install it and inspires dialogue in celebration of nature's self-healing properties.

Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts in London)
Riya Kuvavala
Riya is a multidisciplinary designer whose interest lies in sustainability and creating impactful and thought-provoking designs. She is passionate about combining science, craft and aesthetics with design that is user-centric and enjoys blending her work with functionality to create applied solutions to real world problems, one project at a time
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