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The sustainable foam that replaces wet wipes

BULA popo foam serves as a substitute for toilet wipes, which are harmful to humans and the environment. The BULA foam is dispensed onto the toilet paper, wipe off, done. For 0-99 years. The ingredients are of natural origin, without perfume and ethyl alcohol. Furthermore, vegan, microplastic-free, animal-tested, suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested and made in Germany. Our highlight is the patented mechanical flower foam pump with wall mount. It does not need batteries and rechargeable battery and can be operated hygienically and with little contact.

Anilex GmbH
We at BULA are a small family business from southern Germany on the edge of the Black Forest with the mission to declare war on conventional wet wipes. With our sustainable wet wipe alternatives, the use of conventional wet wipes, which are often bad for the environment and humans, becomes completely unnecessary. Put an end to clogged pipes, microplastics in wastewater, overburdened sewage treatment plants, irritated skin and allergenic ingredients. Simply apply our Popo Foam, Baby Spray or Body Spray directly to the toilet paper, wipe it off and dispose of it in the toilet.
Anilex GmbH
Familie Kriz
Vater und Gründer von BULA: Thomas Kriz Ehefrau und Namensgeberin für BULA: Amabel Kriz (kommt wie auch der Begriff BULA von den Philippinen. BULA bedeutet Schaum, schaumig) Töchter: Annika und Alexis Kriz (Namensgeberinnen der für BULA gegründeten ANILEX GmbH und Illustratorinnen der BULA Grafiken auf den Produktetiketten)
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