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ChargePost is a battery-buffered rapid charging station that enables electric vehicles to be charged within minutes, independent of the power grid. Thanks to the integrated battery storage system, energy from the existing power grid can be stored continuously. As soon as a vehicle needs to be charged, this can be done with a charging capacity of up to 300 kW, regardless of the power available from the electricity grid. By integrating a PV system, for example, the self-generated electricity can be used for charging, which makes the solution particularly sustainable.

ads-tec Energy GmbH
It is our goal to develop and produce the leading decentralized and intelligent energy platforms, and to provide support for them over long periods of time. A particularly high development depth enables us capable to accompany our customers for years and decades to come and to empower our customers to focus on their own core business and customers. Our partners are energy suppliers, operators of charging infrastructure as well as infrastructure providers. We provide them with the best possible support in the form of hardware, software and services.
ads-tec Energy GmbH
Die Firma ads-tec Energy GmbH hat den ChargePost inhouse selbst designt und entwickelt.
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