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Champagne’s lightest bottle

The world’s lightest champagne bottle by Telmont

Champagne Telmont announced the launch of a pioneering experiment to reduce the weight of its glass bottles, working in close collaboration with the French glassmaker Verallia. The goal is ultimately to decrease the current weight of 835 grams to an even lighter bottle, weighing 800 grams. The glass used for its bottles is one of the main sources of Champagne Telmont’s carbon emissions – around 20%. Therefore, shaving weight off its bottles could substantially reduce its carbon footprint: less glass means less CO2 in the melting and manufacturing of glass, and also less fuel for transport.

Champagne Telmont
We are working with the most serious and competent partner possible, the leading glassmaker Verallia, and we have taken all the steps, together, to ensure that we can safely decrease the weight of the bottle. And this is precisely what the current testing phase is about: being absolutely confident with the quality of our final product.
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