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Modular rug system made out of e-waste

E-weave is a modular rug system adaptable to any space. The concept gives the cords a new purpose reutilizing electronic waste (upcycling). Electronic waste is increasingly affecting today's society. To solve this modern problem, we take a look back at the past. E-weave uses weaving techniques from traditional craftsmanship and organic fibers; these are combined with the plastic from the reused cords and result in a durable product whose life cycle has been extended for many years to come!

Universidad Europea
Victoria Valentina Ochoa Marin
I am a Venezuelan product designer based in Madrid, and I am very interested in bringing together physical objects and graphic design to create new things. I define myself as a creative professional, proactive, empathetic with the user and with a global view of design. I want to create products that are friendly to both society and the environment while bring joy to everyday life.
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