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Circular Light

Consumer electronics for the circular economy

The Circular Light is a multifunctional lighting object with a full circular life span. The Circular Light is used as a spotlight for your video conference, as an ambient light, as a makeup light or as a SAD light to brighten your winter days. The Circular Light is made of recycled materials, has a minimal number of parts and its packaging dimensions fit within the Dutch letter mail limits. Due to the modular structure and simple DIY assembly method, the product maintenance literally becomes child's play.

A4M group Netherlands
Product Development and Manufacturing with focus on Circular Design. Located in Rotterdam and Guangzhou.
Mariet Schreurs, Boukje Koch, Toros Cangar, Xiuwen Liao
The Circular Light was developed by production company A4M group in Rotterdam and design studio Orange Creatives in Guangzhou. Both share a passion for technology that benefits our planet: biobased and recycled materials, cooling, heating, air, and water filtration, but also robotics and home appliances. A4M group received a grant from the province South Holland of the Netherlands for their study on Circular Electronics. The study resulted, among others, in a list of design criteria and design brief for the Circular Light. Orange Creatives translated these into a tangible aesthetic design.
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