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The Play Kits

Play essentials for your child’s developing brain

The Play Kits are a stage-based learning program designed to promote brain development through play during the early years of childhood. Each Play Kit includes toys that support all kinds of learning within a developmental window from language and motor skills to social-emotional learning. As a child moves through the program, each plaything encourages them to go deeper into the skill. The playthings in each Kit provide just the toys a child needs, at just the right time and are built to last – made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

Lovevery’s early learning system supports families with stage-based play essentials for children and multi-channel content for parents. The company is best known for its award-winning subscription Play Kits program. Lovevery was launched in 2017 by Cofounders Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris with the introduction of the company’s first product, The Play Gym. Today, Lovevery is a Certified B Corporation™, serving more than thirty markets worldwide. Lovevery’s global headquarters is in Boise, Idaho USA, with a growing multinational European team based in Amsterdam.
United States
Lovevery’s Cofounders work with an in-house design team to develop each product in partnership with their advisory board of child development experts. To inform their products, Lovevery works with a range of practitioners and researchers spanning education, neuroscience, speech and language pathology, Montessori, occupational and physical therapy, psychology, and more. What Lovevery has accomplished in their design research and production is to inspire the toy industry and companies distributing content for parents to become more accessible, sustainably-minded, and rooted in science.
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