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Clean Cycle Combo

Water conserving tools for hand washing dishes

I developed a combo solution to conserve water when hand washing dishes. The combo consists of a portable device that recycles water from the sink, and a dish brush with a silicone scraper on its head, which effectively removes food scraps and fat from dishes. The water recycling device works by plugging the sink and filling it until the water reaches the marking on the device. The device then filtrates the water, removes chemicals and grease, and pumps it back through an adjustable tap. This allows you to wash your dishes under running water without any water waste.

Design School Kolding
Design School Kolding is a place where creative minds gather to immerse themselves in craftsmanship, art and research. We have workshops that are open 24/7 and an international setting where we work closely together. We're grounded in reality and develop solutions in collaboration with start-ups as well as large companies. We explore how to live and how to create positive change. We try to solve problems and envision new possibilities.
Matilda Blomgren
My name is Matilda Blomgren. I'm an industrial designer based in Copenhagen. In June 2023, I graduated from Design School Kolding’s MA program for sustainable design. Before my master studies, I’ve been working in the design offices of Bjarke Ingels Group, Bang & Olufsen, and HAY. I studied my BA in Industrial Design at Lund University which I graduated from in 2020. My passion within design is green innovation, more specifically how design can support us in changing behavior and, thereby, helping us live more sustainably.
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