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2-week home compostable seaweed based biopolymer

SeaCo is a replacement biomaterial for single-use plastic products made from seaweed (agarophytes) polysaccharides, the material is compostable in 2 weeks in the average compost bin. The material can be used in place of most single-use plastic products, for example, PPE, biomedical tests and appliances, disposable cutlery, and containers. The material uses one of the most plentiful natural resources on the planet, seaweed, and the process from harvesting the seaweed and extracting the sugars to casting the final product the entire process is done in the utmost sustainable fashion.

Falmouth University (graduated) UCL (current student, masters)
Seaco designs is a sustainable design company and material design and manufacturer committed to bringing sustainability to every day designs and lives. Taking everyday single use plastic items and replacing their materials with our SeaCo material. SeaCo is a sustainable seaweed based 2 week home compostable biopolymer, used to produce single-use plastic throw-away products, such as monoclonal antibody tests, PPE, and disposable cutlery.
Libby Challoner
I graduated with a 2:1 in Sustainable product design Ba(Hons) from Falmouth university in 2022 and have since started my MSc in advanced material science masters at UCL. I have a keen interest in the sustainability of design and innovation, working to bring design and science together improving the inclusivity of design education alongside other STEM subjects in schools and colleges, I have been supported by the cornish LEA, royal society of chemists, next steps southwest and the G7 project to ensure that the design and sustainability aspect of education is taught with respect and importance.
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