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Conscious Confetti

Biodegradable confetti from wafer paper

Conscious Confetti is biodegradable (water-soluble) confetti made of wafer paper. The paper originates from residue flows from the food industry. This Conscious Confetti of potato starch gives wafer paper a circular life, minimalizes virgin raw materials and maximizes reuse. Conscious Confetti prevents food waste as well as plastic pollution. Perfect for parties, weddings and events. In - and outdoors. No waste, party on!

Candy Converters
Ida van Esch
Ida van Esch (1975) is an experienced creative entrepeneur with a history in producing & projectmanagement with a demonstrated history of working in the art, cultural, social and circulair industry. Skilled in profit as nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, Big-picture Thinking and Event Management. Creative professional focussed on (product)design, interactive art-installations and landscape art. Highly developed at associative brainstorming and converting crazy ideas into creative, innovative and feasible concepts, taking goal, the environment and time frame into account.
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