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Goytaca Vegetable Tannin

Organic compound from wood sawdust & peat water

The Goytaca tannin is a phenolic compound of plant origin, extracted through peat water in contact with certain wood or coconut husks. Through the leaching properties of peat water, these extracted compounds are applied to wood, providing a color change, antifungal properties, and bio-pesticidal effects.

cpa tia telinda
The Tia Telinda Environmental Preservation Center, located in Campos dos Goytacazes, stands out as an experimental farm dedicated to research on peatlands. Its investigations encompass biodiversity, nutrient cycling, water quality, and the development of techniques for the restoration of degraded peatlands. The results of these studies play a crucial role in formulating public policies for the conservation and recovery of these vital ecosystems. The Tia Telinda Environmental Preservation Center faces the challenge of indiscriminate peat extraction, often associated with the clay used by the ceramics industry. More than 600 abandoned clay pits bear witness to this practice, raising concerns about waste accumulation and contamination of the water table. The project aims to address this issue by promoting sustainable practices and the recovery of degraded areas, seeking a balance between economic activity and environmental preservation..
cpa tia telinda
Reynaldo Rosa
And the chief manager, responsible for the development of research and project management at CPA Tia Telinda. Graduated in IoT solutions development and holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Engineering, having developed several theses on Peatlands and their benefits.
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