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The life-cycle cocoon for rewilding burial grounds

'Continuum' is a burial cocoon made from bio-materials that offers an elegant alternative to existing green burial products. The project focuses on the beauty of the life cycle and proposes a return to the collective. It honours the transitional nature of funeral ritual, with removable wings that ceremonially reveal the body adorned in biodegradable garments. Native seeds are embedded in the algae-based material of the wings, and begin to sprout as the wings, placed atop the gravesite, decompose. The natural garden completes the journey from individual to collective, rewilding the burial site.

University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins
Leksi Kostur
Leksi is a London-based product and bio-designer from Oregon, USA. She holds a Bachelor's in psychology and anthropology, and an MA in industrial design from Central Saint Martins. Growing up training as a ballerina and mountain climbing in the Pacific Northwest instilled in her the importance of intention, grace, and nature’s timeless relevance. Leksi produces solution-oriented work that addresses the Wicked Problems of today’s world. She synthesizes her awareness of social issues and environmental sustainability, and is committed to keeping humanness at the core of her design practice.
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