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The plastic free bio-based leather alternative

CORKonLINEN is a new and innovative material with the goal of being a true alternative to leather. Made of French linen and Portuguese cork, the material is fully natural, vegan and European. The emissions are limited, usage of resources at the lowest. The patented material is at a ready for market stage, having the resistance and technical properties of leather, while not containing any plastics, PU or similar. The material can degrade at end of usage. CORKonLINEN can be used for bag and shoe sector as well as automotive, furniture and more.

CORKonLINEN is a new development of an innovative textile. The goal: creating a bio-based and plastic free alternative to leather. The material is 100% European, made of cork and linen. It is resistant yet can compost at end of life. Usage is for footwear, bags, fashion, furniture and more. The patented material is ready to be purchased.
Ronja Nielsen
Originally from Northern Germany, I have been living in France since 2012. There I did a master's degree in international business and then managed B2B sales in 57 countries as sales manager for a lingerie brand. On many business trips and appointments, I was always missing the right business bag. This is how my brand Bag Affair was born. To make my bags even more sustainable, I wanted to replace the cotton with flax/linen. After more than 2 years of research, I can now present CORKonLINEN - a next generation plastics-free leather alternative.
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