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Furniture collection from ztista

MOVCHUN furniture collection by FAINA reveals the interaction between human beings and nature through contemplation. MOVCHUN is derived from Ukrainian ‘keep silence’. Silence is what slows you down to feel the connection between you and the earth. The key of the collection lies in its special, ecological and 100% natural materials. The base: made of ecological material ZTISTA. Inside: the soft filler is made from hévea latex. The top: a soft textile of your choice - 100% natural fabric from hemp or a natural cotton made from recycled t-shirts. It is sustainable and transformable design piece.

YA.VA srl
FAINA is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates handcrafted living minimalism objects to convey the culture and nature senses and inspire for mindful living. A sensual expression of contemporary design rooted in Mother Earth and Ukrainian cultural heritage. FAINA is a timeless design functions as a decorative piece that becoming more like a talisman in your home because each object full of history, handcrafted energy, and natural materials. The collection includes furniture, lighting, and decor.
YA.VA srl
Victoria Yakusha
Victoria Yakusha is the founder of YAKUSHA and FAINA, she is the mastermind behind live minimalism, a cultural heritage architect, and a global ambassador of Ukrainian design. Victoria is one of the most famous Ukrainian architects worldwide, whose artistic endeavours shape contemporary Ukrainian design as a brand. She creates heritage—the ideas and objects that gain power, meaning, and value over time and impact the culture of future generations. An advocate of laconic, environmentally friendly living, architecture, and design.
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