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City Transformer CT-1

An adaptive EV that reclaims space in cities

An electric mini-vehicle with a shape-shifting chassis, having seamless transformation between compact and full-size modes, tackling congestion and parking. Ergonomic cabin layout & quality materials ensure safety & comfort. The concept utilizes natural fibers, minimizing waste & energy consumption. It produces zero emissions, reducing pollution, & compact mode decreases traffic congestion and carbon footprint. It caters to urban dwellers and businesses, with convenient storage and a sustainable approach. It envisions an eco-friendly urban mobility future, greener, smarter, & more accessible.

City Transformer
City Transformer is a revolutionary foldable electric mini-vehicle equipped with an innovative shape-shifting chassis. Designed to address urban congestion and parking challenges, it transforms effortlessly between compact and full-size modes. In compact mode, it easily maneuvers through tight spaces, enhancing city mobility. With a press of a button, its chassis expands to provide a stable and spacious ride. The electric motor ensures eco-friendly transportation, emitting zero emissions. Its foldable design allows for convenient storage, making it a practical choice for city dwellers.
Eyal Cremer (CDO) / Nimrod Jack Eliezer / Jacob Sasse / Ron Inbar
Eyal Cremer - CDO Nimrod Eliezer - Design Lead Jacob Sasse - Design Lead Ron Inbar - 3D Design Modeller
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