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Eco Paper Membranes

Launch of two paper-based ECO membrane products

Formulated to elevate the sustainability of Partel’s renowned VCL membranes in the VARA and IZOPERM lines, these products provide outstanding vapor control, optimizing indoor climate, energy efficiency, and diminishing the carbon footprint in construction. IZOPERM PLUS ECO, a durable ecological vapor control layer, is crafted from up to 60% renewable FSC paper for healthier buildings. VARA PLUS ECO, a pioneering smart ecological vapor control layer, incorporates up to 62% renewable FSC paper.

Partel is renowned as one of the leading developers and suppliers of high-performance building envelope solutions for the low-energy building sector. Technical excellence is at the core of our product development, providing an integrated range of airtight and windtight systems, and ecological thermal bridging solutions that significantly improve the energy efficiency in both residential and commercial construction. These include monolithic breathable membranes, solvent-free adhesive tapes, advanced adhesives and sealants, along with recycled structural insulation boards.
Hugh Whiriskey
As a founder and director of Partel, Hugh drives the business vision, strategy, and product innovation. He is a Certified Passive House Designer and a leading specialist in sustainable building and energy efficiency, with extensive knowledge in design and construction management, building fabrics, technical engineering, and R&D. He has a wealth of expertise within the low-energy construction sector across various roles such as technical engineer, project manager, contracts manager, product training, and in recent years as a technical director – BEng MIEI CEPH, with over 23 years of experience.
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