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Cup in Cup System

A transplant-free pot made of coffee grounds

Usually domestic potted plants need to be retransplanted during the growth process to maintain further healthy growth of the plants. This design takes advantage of the degradable properties of coffee grounds and is designed in a nested manner. When the plant root system continues to spread and develop, and the capacity of the small pot reaches a critical point, only a larger circle of pots can be nested to achieve the effect of no transplantation, and the small pots inside will be gradually degraded into nutrients and turned into soil under the action of water and plant roots.

Dalian Jiaotong University
Dalian Jiaotong University is a multidisciplinary undergraduate college featuring transportation, dedicated to cultivating high-quality talents and conducting scientific research.
Haowei Hu
He graduated from Southwest University for Nationalities with a major in product design, and is currently studying at Dalian Jiaotong University for a master's degree in industrial design. His design works have won the IF Design Talent Award, the bronze medal of the World Student Star Packaging Award, and the Taiwan Golden Pin Concept Design Award.
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