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Sustainable furniture system

Dessa is a furniture system that responds to the problem of overconsumption. It allows for multiple uses of the same components to create new furniture, thanks to a system of easy assembly and disassembly, in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. Users donate old components to the company so that they can be used in new collections. The user can replace and repair damaged parts and make changes to the appearance and size of the furniture. For the needs of the project, I created a special material that can be regenerated, recycled, and is biodegradable.

University of the Arts Poznan
UAP is the only art university in Poland that provides education not only in the field of art. Students can also choose engineering and purely theoretical fields of study. The extensive university structure and highly qualified tutors, whose number is proportional to the number of students, allow for the development of excellent student-tutor relations. Each project implemented in art and design studios is an experiment. All tasks are open and performed with the active participation of professors, assistant professors, assistants and technical staff.
Oliwia Ledzińska
I am the winner of the iF Design Talent Award and European Product Design Award competitions and I received the Honorable Mention in the "Best in Design" and "Taiwan International Student Design Competition" and the Golden award of the University of Arts in Poznań. For my activity I received scholarships "41st edition of the Maria Dokowicz Competition for the best UAP diploma project" and "Scholarship of the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage for students". My projects have been presented in countries such as Poland, Taiwan, China, Belgium and the Netherlands.
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