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Embraced Wood

Building with unprocessed reclaimed timber

Embraced Wood creates long-span beams from unprocessed reclaimed timber pieces using only natural fibers and clay. The computationally-informed design and robotic fabrication workflow can help engineers to design site-specific beams for building extensions or new multi-story timber construction without having to accommodate the architectural design to available material stock. Embraced Wood offers a carbon-conscious design and fabrication process that is competitive to that of other timber systems and greatly expands the intake of reclaimed timber for construction.

University of Stuttgart
The M.Sc. Programme Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research at the University of Stuttgart is an interdisciplinary, research-oriented, experiment-based programme shaped around contemporary aspects of the built environment and practice. The goal of the ITECH programme is to prepare a new generation of students from different disciplines for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in development of the built environment through merging the fields of design, engineering, construction and natural sciences.
Pelin Asa, Christelle Feghali, Christian Steixner
Pelin Asa completed her bachelor’s in civil engineering and architecture at Princeton University in 2016. Christelle Feghali is an environmental and civil engineering graduate from the American University of Beirut. Christian Gotthilf Steixner is a registered architect in the state of Florida and holds a bachelor's in architecture from Florida Atlantic University. All the designers graduated from the Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research master’s program at the University of Stuttgart in 2022.
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