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Disassembly Shoes

Fashionable footwear with connector points

Disassembly shoes is a small step to a larger environmental global effort. Footwear that proves it is possible to design with a green mindset, while remaining fashion forward. The series has four footwear, each of them designed and developed from a different connector, that create the connection between the footwear’s components. Every component of the shoe is produced from a single element. At the end of the shoes lifespan, they can be disassembled to their singular parts, allowing the raw materials to be reused. It is a suggestion for the near future, a perspective on the evolving world.

Tair Bet Or
My name is Tair Bet Or. I am a 28 year old designer from Israel. I care about humans, society, and sustainability. I love walking around, following the sun, and exploring new cultures. I enjoy sports, such as running, swimming, and especially dancing, and capturing moments with my cameras through stills and video. I see design as an opportunity to make connections between people and cultures, and to create equality and happiness in society. With this, I strive to influence and inspire those I cross paths with. “The times of thoughtless design for thoughtless consumption are over.” -Dieter Rams
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